Investing in Thriving Communities

If you have….

  • A passion for protecting the Earth
  • A passion for creating safe, secure, healthy housing for people who make our lives work
  • An appreciation for innovation and beauty
  • A desire to create something you can be proud of
  • A desire to protect future generations
  • An attraction to a trophy project (Napa Creek Village may be the greenest multi-family development in the United States to date)
  • A use for property tax write-offs
  • A desire to atone for our society’s contribution to pollution and inequity
  • An attraction to solid investment returns (maximizing return is not primary; instead it is balanced by multiple social and environmental returns)

You will want to join us by helping to make Thriving Communities projects come to life!

You’re looking for investment opportunities that make a difference and provide a solid return. In addition to providing a new way of designing homes and living in them, Thriving Communities offers a new way of investing—one of the first opportunities of its kind that combines impact investment with the solid returns of the real estate market.

Why Do Thriving Communities Make a Difference?

Thriving Communities provides healthy, urban eco-villages with single- and multi-family homes that are energy and resource efficient. Using advanced OTechnology pioneered over 30 years by our design/build partner, Healthy Buildings, Thriving Communities designs and builds creative and innovative homes and eco-villages that are:

  • Greener by every definition
  • Up to 50% faster to build, and less expensive to rent and own
  • So energy efficient that they can meet California’s 2020 energy efficiency standards requiring net-zero energy
  • Built by a company that is a great place to work and a successful investment for its stockholders

OTechnology creates investment opportunities that provide energy-efficient tax credits, faster construction in a controlled environment, and workforce and affordable housing opportunities. Single family and multi-unit homes are built with standard features including:

  • Natural lighting and constant fresh air ventilation
  • Recycled construction materials and eco lumber
  • Energy star appliances
  • Ultra high insulation
  • Efficient heating and double paned windows
  • Passive cooling and solar water heating
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Rainwater collection, grey water irrigation systems, and living roofs
  • LED lighting and electric charging stations

Upgrade features can take the homes to net-zero energy use with solar or wind technologies, and buyers can choose packages that include LED lighting, rainwater collection, living roofs, electric car charging, and grey water systems, among many others.

In these eco-villages, people live together, find connection, and get their hands in the earth, at affordable prices that allow more people to experience the benefits.


How Does the Investment Work?

Thriving Communities are clustered in their respective geographical areas. The first active projects are in Napa Valley, California: Thriving Communities Napa Valley. Weencourage investments in the regional LLC to offer the maximum diversification and risk/reward optimization. That said, you can invest in an individual project, such as Harvest Village, LLC.

As construction projects are completed, they will be rented or sold, as the property dictates. After all expenses and construction loans are paid off, investors will realize income from rents and sales commensurate with their share of investment. Since Thriving Communities is a real estate development, all investors will enjoy the tax benefits of real estate (e.g., segmented depreciation to offset income). Management may decide to sell all or part of a rental property to an outside party. In that event, or when single-family homes are sold, investors will realize capital gains. With solid financial returns and a wealth of environmental, health, and social returns, an investment in Thriving Communities reaps long-lasting rewards. Find out more about investing in Thriving Communities.