Harvest Village

This new residential development in Napa, CA, consists of a community of nine single-family homes, 2 of which will have auxiliary, or “granny,” units .  The homes will be designed to be “net zero energy” and will be taken through the LEED, Cal Green, and Build-It-Green certifications, as well as the Living Building Challenge.  Harvest Village is projected to achieve LEED Gold level.

The site design intent of Harvest Village is to create a thriving community. This group of homes will face a shared open green park, a place for neighbors to meet, get to know each other, share a meal, play, and relax.  There will be a patio with picnic tables and chairs and an area for children to play, all within view of everyone’s kitchen sink.

The homes are designed with open floor plans, which make them feel much larger than their footprint. Like everything Healthy Buildings does, these homes have been designed with community, sustainability, and health in mind.

For updated site and floor plans, elevations, and renderings take a look here.