Thriving Communities Blog

June 30, 2013

We are the keepers of the earth. Whether we recognize it or not, we have each been given a great gift, and a precious responsibility. John Muir said it best, “When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe”.

When we began Thriving Communities in 2014—after some three decades of working in the fields of building healthy housing, sustainability and social impact investing—we were taking what we had previously developed to the next level. Thriving Communities was born out of a vision to bring together high performance building technologies, with the latest advances in sustainable living, at affordable prices for working families, within site designs that create connected communities.

While Green Building strides have been made in commercial buildings and in luxury homes, little attention or resources have been committed to building affordable, sustainable communities.  Thriving Communities was founded on the fundamental truth that all people, regardless of income or social status, deserve healthy, beautiful, net-zero energy homes where they feel safe.

Since most of us spend most of our lives in our homes, what better way to have a profoundly positive impact on Climate Change than to dramatically change the way we build our homes and communities and to make them affordable to families living on a modest income.  And, what better way to cultivate a sense of community by doing all we could to “step lightly on the earth,” and bring the most advanced environmental technology into our new neighborhoods.

Thriving Communities new blog, entitled “CONNECTIONS”, is emerging this week, after a long winter of growth and nourishment.  Through it, and across all social media, we will tell our story and the stories of individuals and communities dedicated to improving living conditions on this earth for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

Our objectives of building thriving, sustainable communities are consistent with the United States Department of Health & Human Services “Healthy People 2020” goals of improving public health, improving environmental quality, strengthening economic development, as well as building supportive communities for children and families.

We envision our Thriving Communities to be economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially healthy and resilient. Through the vehicle of our blog, we’ll be striving to educate our readers on how to improve the quality of their lives, how to build better communities, healthier ecosystems and how to improve economic security.

Through the work of Thriving Communities we will strive to accomplish those goals, and to build a better, greener world. We invite you to join us for the journey.